The final words of our manifesto reflect our values that determine how we deliver our services, which always place the artist at the centre of everything we do.

We march to the beat of our own drum and map our own future

Fuelled by an unwavering belief in our artists, we’re buoyed by the creativity and authenticity that exists in our space and heartened by those who delight in sharing it. We believe that art is serious, but making it can be fun. The individual creativity triumphs over conformity and divergent voices make life much more interesting. That art is about revealing ourselves and creating meaningful connections – between artists, staff artists and art lovers. Our experience will always be shared, our knowledge passed on and our studio, bound by creativity, integrity and generosity in equal measure.

We believe in making a mark that matters. We believe in art as it should be.

And joyful in the making.

Bronwyn Hack portrait

Our ValueS

Our values determine how we deliver the services for which we are funded, with the artist at the centre of everything we do. These values define our interactions with our artists, their loved ones and their advocates:



Since our inception in 1974, we have strived to enable artists to develop an original and authentic “voice” supported by professional staff artists who provide feedback and critical advice. Here, art is not taught, but rather the innate creative direction of each artist is nurtured to elicit works of personal meaning and style.



We are a centre of excellence. We promote new and exciting work. We never assume anything about what our artists want or are trying to do. The artists themselves are the only accurate source of knowledge about their aspirations and intentions and their art speaks for itself and stands on its own terms. Proud. Strong. Unapologetic.



The art that is made by our artists is confronting, vibrant, beautiful, menacing, honest, haunting and joyful. The art is a result of the freedom our artists have to make their own creative choices.

The agreements that we have with our artists regarding commissions and ownership of work reflect those of other well-run commercial galleries. The work is owned by our artists and they are recompensed when the work is sold. We aim to guide and protect our artists’ careers and ensure the integrity of their work through good practice

Our studio is a boisterous hive of creativity, where ideas and imaginings are transformed into visual art. It is an organic, messy, productive place.

The Arts Project philosophy and approach is non-directive, thereby enabling the artists to develop their own practice.
– Board Member



Arts Project Australia is a creative social enterprise that supports artists with intellectual disabilities, promotes their work and advocates for their inclusion in contemporary art practice.

our approach

Arts Project Australia’s philosophy is to empower people to be professional artists while gaining skills and confidence amongst like-minded peers in a supportive environment. We do this by:

  • Encouraging individual artistic expression and personal style
  • Providing high-quality materials and a range of media
  • Promoting the work as integral to the broad spectrum of contemporary art
  • Connecting our artists with other artists, studios, and galleries