We highly value the contribution of our volunteers and student placements, who assist us in our studio, gallery and at events.

As a community organisation Arts Project is supported by an incredible team of volunteers and student placements.
– Arts Project Staff Member

By generously giving their passion, time and expertise, volunteers assist staff and our artists to continue the important work we do. Being a volunteer at Arts Project offers a rewarding opportunity to learn more about what we and our artists do, see a large and diverse collection of artwork and meet new friends.

Volunteer Nick Megchelse woking with the artists at Arts Project. Photo: Kate Longley.jpg

Volunteer Nick Megchelse (standing) woRking with the artists at Arts Project. Photo: Kate Longley.


My time at Arts Project was always the highlight of my week, it strengthened my passion and knowledge of art and of people. I am so grateful for the experience. I sincerely thank you … for every opportunity where I was able to learn and smile whist at Arts Project.
– Past Volunteer

Currently, there are no volunteer positions available, however, as soon as a vacancy becomes available we will advertise the position here. In the meantime have a look at our two volunteer and placement streams and please get in touch with questions.

paint-pots> Studio Volunteering
& Placements

  • Assist in the studio with the artists
  • Prepare art mediums and research materials, and support staff artists


The Devil's in the Detail - Lisa Reid Survey 2015> Gallery Volunteering
& Placements

  • Assist in the gallery and stockroom
  • Handle artworks, assist in the stockroom, and help out at openings and events