ACKNOWLEDGE ME showcases the unstoppable abundance of the practice of Arts Project Australia artist Adrian Lazzaro. Based around Lazzaro’s epic scrapbook collection, Acknowledge Me combines the elegant punk materiality of Adrian’s work with the electric free-jazz hum of Will McConnell’s sizzling texta drawings, the eerily endearing gloopy charm of Matt Gove’s Ghostbusters ceramics, and an emergent echo upon the windows by inimitable fan artist, Katherine Botten.
Curl up in the soft area and immerse yourself in the biting social commentary of Lazzaro’s tactile scrapbooks. Expect utmost relevancy; Mr Bean, National Scissors Day, Communist Tissue Boxes, Stigmardi-gras, and much, much more.
Acknowledge Me is co-curated by Caroline Wylds (APA staff artist) and Adrian Lazzaro (APA artist).

Arts Project Australia invites you to preview the exhibition below. This virtual tour was created by CoulterCoulter 3D Virtual Reality.