Anthony Romagnano’s Celebration Banners


Anthony Romagnano’s work Celebration Banners 2021 was on display on the facade of the Collingwood Town Hall as part of the City of Yarra’s 2021 2021 Festive Season Program. Each year, Yarra City Council invites artists to create artwork for each of the three Town Halls to highlight the festive season; celebrate Yarra’s inclusive and diverse community; and further add to the City of Yarra’s vibrant culture.

Yarra City Arts caught up with Anthony at the APA studio to talk about his practice, the meaning behind his work and the commission.

In this video, APA gallery manager and curator Sim Luttin gives an insight into Anthony’s creative practice, as well as the exciting projects Anthony has coming up in 2022. Anthony discusses his preference for working in pencil, paint, and digital media, his use of bold outlines and blocks of vivid colour, and his interest and references to popular culture in his works.

Celebration Banners banners reflect the vibrancy of the festive season and recognise the holiday period as a time of spreading cheer, and coming together with a community of loved ones, family, and friends.