APA Special Guest at New Zealand Outsider Art Fair

We’re New Zealand bound! Arts Project Australia had the recent pleasure of being the special international guest at the 2016 New Zealand Outsider Art Fair. Building upon the first fair in 2014, the 2016 fair aims to break down barriers by providing an engaging opportunity for community connection and a celebration of creative diversity. Arts Project Australia added to the fair’s robust conversation by discussing our own work and programs and thinking through the links between creatives and communities.

Of special consideration is the importance in creating connected communities and experiences between artists, galleries and audiences and how these connections feed into the urban planning of Auckland itself.

Arts Project Australia Gallery Manager, Sim Luttin, attended the festival on behalf of Arts Project and was kept very busy, attending a range of events, exhibitions and discussions – across a staggering thirty venues – and reports a new-found love of NZ and NZ art!