Art et al. x APA: Intersect 3D TOUR

Art et al. held its second Australian exhibition, Intersect at APA’s Collingwood Yards gallery in September 2022. 

The exhibition featured new international commissions, collaborations, and artists engaged by Art et al. during 2021-22. Intersect will also presented a selection of curated video works introducing 2022 programming ‘UK x Australia x Indonesia’, a year-long collaboration with Indonesian organisation Ketemu.

Intersect presented work from three continents by neurodivergent, intellectually and learning disabled artists, alongside their non-disabled peers. The exhibition also focused on the artworks produced during ‘UK/AU Season of Culture’ Peer/Peer collaborations – digital residencies pairing international artists with and without disabilities. Another focus was be revisiting artists featured in writings by Jennifer Higgie, Ella Fleck and Katrina Schwarz.

Celebrating the diversity of cultures, exhibiting APA artists included Georgia Szmerling, Samraing Chea, Bronwyn Hack, Emily Dober, Lisa Reid, Alan Constable and Anthony Romagnano. They were joined by Holly Stevenson, Matt Robertson, Lala Nurlala, Matthew Clarke, John Powell-Jones, David Blandy, Larry Achiampong, Sandra St Hilare, Tony Allen, Sam Jevon and Yoki Mekuria. Select exhibiting artists’ work with the following supported studios: Arts Project Australia, Melbourne; ArtGusto, Geelong; and Submit to Love, London.

Intersect highlighted UK-based Billy Mann in his Curating Collections project in collaboration with Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA). Further Art et al. initiatives, including Curatorial Mentorships, were reflected through printed material and events. These projects include APA’s  Eden Menta working with European curator and researcher Stella Sideli in a Curatorial Mentorship.

PLANT/LIFE resources:
View the exhibition room sheet here.
Read an easy-read document about the exhibition.
Read issue 2 (March 2022) of the Art et al. Broadsheet.
Read issue 3 (September 2022) of the Art et al. Broadsheet.
Download the Australian Memoir catalogue.

Art et al.’s projects for Intersect were supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, the British Council through their International Collaboration Grants, the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Aesop Foundation. Art et al. is founded by Arts Project Australia, Jennifer Lauren Gallery, and Slominski Projects, with thanks to curator Katrina Schwarz for inspiring the launch of Art et al.