Artist Profile: David Hurlston on Alan Constable

This artist profile dives into Alan Constable, whose ceramic cameras have seen international acclaim for their tactile, poetic resonances. The video features David Hurlston, Senior Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, talking through Constable’s highly idiosyncratic practice and why he believes Constable is one of the most important contemporary artists working today.

Alan Constable (born 1956) has worked in the Arts Project studio since 1991 and has held solo shows at Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane; Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney; South Willard, Los Angeles; and Stills Gallery, Sydney. He has collections in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; and The Museum of Everything, London.

Constable is represented by Darren Knight, Sydney; DUTTON, New York; and Arts Project Australia, Melbourne.

To find out more about Alan’s practice and to view artworks, head here.

This Alan Constable artist profile has been made possible by the generous support of The Jack Brockhoff Foundation.
Artist Profile Alan Constable