Artist Spotlight: Bobby Kyriakopoulos

Bobby Kyriakopoulos is both a painter and digital artist whose work traverses the scenes of carnivals and public events, underwater and above-water landscapes, cultural appropriation and an interest in film scenes, particularly the blockbuster-heroic-male – which often contains anxious undertones. Figures such as Wonderwoman, historical persons and characters of action and thriller films (think Men In Black and Star Wars) often feature in Kyriakopoulos’ paintings, while at other moment Kyriakopoulos portrays the frenzy of the crowd amid a rollercoaster or car race; scenes which are near-claustrophobic in their over-population and energy. Many of Kyriakopoulos’ works contain a feel of impending action, of the event-still-to-come, which is accentuated by his tendency to highlight the positive and negative spaces between image and ground.

In his art practice, Kyriakopoulos often favours watercolour or gouache which are meticulously applied. Yet despite the deliberateness of Kyriakopoulos’ paintings, the also retain a gestural quality and a sense of movement.

Born in 1990, Kyriakopoulos has worked in the Arts Project Australia studio since 2011 and has been included in numerous group exhibitions including ‘Well Red’, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney; ‘Melbourne Now’, NGV International, Melbourne; and ‘SMALLWORKS 2014 Art Prize’, Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy. His work is held in the National Gallery of Victoria’s collection.

You can see Kyriakopoulos work below, or else head to our shop to pick up an original Kyriakopoulos.