Emily Dober

Emily Dober is a painter and illustrator whose figurative works focus on the feminine form as portrayed in magazines and advertisements. Working from a gently drawn pencil or ink outline, Dober’s strong sense of composition and carefully considered layers of colour give the works a distinctive, highly personalised style. One of Dober’s principle concerns thus far has been analysing the movements and gestures of the female body in dance. While these works appear as abstract studies they are also spontaneous, carefree and joyous. Emily Dober (born 1992) is an emerging artist who has been a regular studio artist at Arts Project Australia since 2011. She has been included in group exhibitions including Classic Albums, Tanks Centre, Cairns, QLD (2013) Melbourne Art Fair, Supermarket, Craft, Melbourne (2013) and has been featured in each Annual Gala at Arts Project Australia.