Michael Licenblat

Primarily working across drawing and digital art, Michael Licenblat’s narrative artworks display his reverence for pop culture and his fascination with crime-based and ‘cops and robbers’ TV shows. His practice amplifies action-packed drama scenarios centering on larger than life law enforcement officers who uncover illegal activity. These criminal narratives are marked by a continual pursuit of justice, where good prevails over the evil undertakings of gang-related crime, the black market arms trade and lone criminal masterminds. Drawing upon particularly American narratives, Licenblat’s work also glosses alien invasions and doomsday narratives, which are often driven by recurring characters including the hero-like police officer, the damsel in distress, the mad scientist and the petty thug. Licenblat’s pencil drawings are combinations of stand alone pieces and series’ that have a storyboard sensibility, while his digital animations bring to life the narratives that he develops and create from his imagination. Michael Licenblat is an emerging artist and has worked in the Arts Project Australia studio since 2017. He is currently working on a collaborative project with established artist Gerone Spruill from Creative Growth Art Centre in the USA.