Arts Project Artists at Melbourne Zine Fair



The zines of four Arts Project Australia artists – Adrian Lazzaro, Bronwyn Hack, Jodie Noble and Chris O’Brien – will be available for purchase at the ‘Festival of the Photocopier‘ Melbourne Zine Fair, taking place Sunday 11 February at Melbourne Town Hall. Surveying a variety of stories and themes, the zine fair is an opportunity for Arts Project studio artists to display their zine-making practice. Not to mention each zine has been printed as a limited edition of 20.

Adrian Lazzaro’s two zines, Kabab-Man and Captain Car Door Face relay everyday superhero tales; while Kabab-Man describes the life of a kebab shop owner who fights crime by throwing poison kebabs at his enemies, Captain Car Door Face follows the adventures of a mechanic who’s fortune changes after a terrible accident involving a car door and his face. Culprits may also, as Adrian notes, “get a smack on the bottom!”

Meanwhile, Bronwyn Hack’s Cut The Head Off and Rat Torture look at the themes of torture via gore and horror. As the names suggest, the former looks at capital punishment and the victims of guillotining throughout history, while the latter focuses on medieval rat torture.

Adding more light-hearted fair are Jodie Noble’s zines Bewitched and Disneyland, both of which are centred on character introduction and the importance of make-believe journeys. These subject matters also register personally for Noble: Bewitched is the artist’s favourite television show, while Disneyland is the accumulation of a lifelong dream to visit the theme park.

Artist Jodie Noble in the Arts Project studio. Photo by Kate Longley.

Artist Jodie Noble in the Arts Project studio. Photo by Kate Longley.


Finally, Chris O’Brien’s zines Chris and Sarah Pendergast and Chris and Millie tell the story of a duplex home, providing narratives of the mundane and supernatural happenings that occur in a domestic setting. Throughout O’Brien’s practice, he frequently inserts his friends and acquaintances, as well as himself, into home-based settings, writing humourous and eventful narratives.

Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair
Melbourne Town Hall | Swanston St, Melbourne CBD
Sunday 11 February | Midday – 5pm
Free and open to the public!