Arts Project Tram Unveiled!

Warren O’Brien and Cathy Staughton‘s art tram was unveiled on Saturday and is now making it’s way around Melbourne! Huge thank you to Yarra Trams – we’re thrilled to be part of your inaugural Community
Partnerships Program.

Keep your eyes peeled: the tram will operate on routes 48 and 109 for the next three months! And here’s a handy hint: you can track the Arts Project Australia tram by entering ‘3003’ in the MyTram section of tramTRACKER.

While Cathy’s design focuses on the vibrancy of Luna Park, Warren’s piece represents the cityscape and lights of Melbourne’s skyline. As Yarra Trams CEO Nicolas Gindt sums up: “Cathy and Warren have created incredible artworks to transform the tram, and are fine ambassadors for all the artists based at Arts Project Australia. I’m delighted Yarra Trams is partnering with much-loved community organisations that champion diversity and inclusion in Melbourne every day.”

Have a look at the unveiling photos and check out this great feature on Channel 7 Melbourne News!