AUSTRALIANA Collection with Third Drawer Down & NGV

We’re extremely excited to announce Arts Project Australia is part of a Third Drawer Down Studio collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria known as AUSTRALIANA, an iconic collection featuring the art of our artists Lisa Reid, Cathy Staughton, Julian Martin, Patrick Francis, Valerio Ciccone and Peter Ben. Also featured are exclusive postcards with the art of Alan Constable, Fiona Taylor, Peter Cave and Anthony Romagnano.

AUSTRALIANA is a collection of functional art products devoted to monumental Australian icons, landscapes and pop-culture legends… singing our anthem via pot holders, stubby coolers and tea towels, featuring works from ten remarkable Arts Project Australia artists. Like a true-blue outback adventure, there is no shortage of magpies, koalas and kangaroos in this story, and with the addition of famous Aussie faces and places, it’s instantly one for the pool room.

AUSTRALIANA is a collaboration and a collection that started small and then in quintessential Australian fashion, had to be bigger. So like the big banana, the giant pineapple and that massive koala, the conversation for unique, iconic Australian art products grew a little bigger. Third Drawer Down Studio’s started the ball rolling and Arts Project Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria agreed to bring the idea to life and from here a story was born, not just about celebrating snap shots of Australia’s history, but also the joy behind Arts Project Australia and our ongoing mission.

The AUSTRALIANA collection is available at here Arts Project Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and online at DESIGNSTORE.NGV.MELBOURNE.

Cathy Staughton, The Luna Park Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2007

Cathy Staughton, The Luna Park Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2007