Bronwyn Hack is known for her multi-faceted practice which spans sculpture, painting, printmaking and ceramics. Her latest suite of 2D works completed towards the end of 2019 continue to display the artist’s characteristic composition; merging subject and background to form a consolidated linear perspective. The subject matter in this body of work is remarkably timely, exploring the intimate bonds that exist between Hack and her friends and colleagues at Arts Project Australia, and in turn the bonds they share with their pets.

The images are particularly poignant in this moment, serving as a reminder of those who are missed as we move through a period of lockdown, the solace found in our furry companions and the notion that the strongest bonds have adversity in their framework. The tender portrayal of the subject matter unearths ideas around connection, trust, protection, love and companionship. 

Bronwyn Hack has worked in the studio at Arts Project Australia since 2011. In 2016 she held a solo exhibition at Arts Project Australia entitled Be Careful Now and has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including Auto Body Works curated by Patricia Sharkey, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne (2018); Wild Lands, Linden New Art Melbourne (2016); Nests, Northcity4, Melbourne (2015); My Puppet, My Secret Self, The Substation, Newport (2012); and Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne (2012 & 2014). In 2018 Hack participated the Artist in Residence Program at Australian Tapestry Workshop.

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.