Anne Lynch Close to Home

Anne Lynch is an accomplished artist who has sustained a professional art practice since the early nineties. She is known for her pastel on paper artworks; her small-scale landscapes have a sense of melancholy that is also carried within lone figures that hover over gentle fields of colour. Her early work centred on rural landscapes, while recent drawings increasingly focus on subjects closer to home—fleeting domestic moments suspended in time.

In current exhibition Close to Home, viewers will encounter a selection of Lynch’s colourful domestic scenes: people joyfully playing instruments, dancing and waving, while a cat sprawls on a bright blue carpet. Birds perch on and in glass jars, fish swim in a tank surrounded by houseplants, and fresh flowers are arranged in vases perfectly poised on tabletops. This intimate collection could be interpreted as reflecting an artist’s yearning—a desire for joy, domestic bliss and harmony.

Lynch has worked at Arts Project Australia since 1995 and presented her first solo show in 2013. Her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions including Renegades: Outsider Art, The Arts Centre Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise; Outsider Art Fair, Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York; and Home Sweet Home: Works from the Peter Fay Collection, National Gallery of Australia touring show.

Public collections include the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria, as gifted by Stuart Purves. Her work is held in national, international, corporate and private collections.

Walk through the exhibition via entering a virtual room, scrolling the slideshow below or downloading the Anne Lynch Close to Home Catalgoue (this link redirects to a PDF).

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Close to Home was produced by Arts Project Australia curator and gallery manager Sim Luttin.