Fulli Andrinopoulos’ work is characterised by soft, floating colours that exude richness through the build-up of dense layers of rich pigment. The works are tactile and ethereal, with an emotive quality akin to that of Rothko. Her works on paper and, more recently, textile translations, are intimate yet evoke a sense of awe and the unknown.

Andrinopoulos (b 1965) has worked at the Arts Project Australia studio since 1991, where she held her first solo exhibition in 2012. She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne (2004-2018), as well as FEM-aFFINITY, Arts Project Australia (2019) which is touring nationally (2020-2021). She has also been involved with various projects at a number of institutions including Australian Galleries, Collingwood; Galerie Impaire, Paris; and MADMusée and Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain, Liège. Her work is held in the Monash University Museum of Art collection and private collections in Australia.

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This exhibition coincides with the online group show Time for a DVD 

Produced by Sim Luttin, Curator and Gallery Manager at Arts Project Australia.