and on the eyes, black sleep of night @ Firstdraft, Sydney

Showing at Firstdraft in Sydney, ‘and on the eyes, black sleep of night’ is a poignant exhibition which first exhibited at Seventh gallery and brings together artists who’ve experienced the death of a parent.
Featuring Arts Project studio artists Rosie O’Brien and Robyn Doherty, the runs from 2 – 25 October, and is curated by Sarah Brasier with Beth Caird, Brahmony McCrossin, Jemi Gale, Katie Foster, Michael Kennedy, Rosie O’Brien, Robyn Doherty, and Sarah Brasier.
Each of the artists explore their shared incidents of loss in a variety of ways. Themes of childhood are common amongst Brahmony McCrossin, Michael Kennedy, Jemi Gale and Sarah Brasier. They utilise imagery that appeals to a childlike sensibility; toing and froing between melancholy and playfulness, their works explore the complexity of life and death. For Beth Caird, her work has a focus on grief processes and life-after-death experiences, self-made myths and the truth buried under fabrications. Katie Foster’s text work and drawings capture the feeling of fear that you might never recover from such grief. In Robyn Doherty’s zine “The wonderful colours reminds me of the memories I had of Dad” she memorialises her father in a sincere and sanguine nature. Rosie O’Brien’s records the still and simple beauty of flowers before they wither and die, reminding us that life is ephemeral. Artworks presented in the exhibition intermingle new work with historic and personal artefacts, across the disciplines of painting, video and installation. Together the artists present a series of thoughtful offerings that pay homage to their departed loved ones.

Dates: 2 October – 25 October
Venue: Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney

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Image | Rosie O’Brien, not titled x 9, 2017 – 2019, (wall) gouache and pencil, dimensions variable and Jemi gale, yellow was my mums favourite colour, 2019, (floor) acrylic paint, ink, spray paint, silk + wood, 60 x 50 x 50 cm (image credit Guy Grabowsky).

and on the eyes, black sleep of night @ Firstdraft, Sydney


2 October, 2019 @ 9:00 am
25 October, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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