In Fortune Favours the Brave, Art Project Australia explores concepts of courage and bold creative undertakings that help to shape the life we live. Faced with enormous challenges associated with isolation, APA artists have turned obstacles into opportunities and, as a result, have been as busy as ever creating new work, zooming with peers and embracing the digital realm as a virtual space to work and share ideas. 

Life throws all kinds of circumstances at us—good and bad—that we have little or no control over, and personal rewards don’t always reflect our efforts and good intentions. However, what we can influence is how we respond to any given situation and, consequently, we can choose a path that gives ourselves the best shot at a good life. In that vein many of our artists, with support from APA, their families and networks, have embraced change and established temporary studios at home; for some artists, it’s a table in the kitchen, while for others it’s an entire room or shed. One thing is clear—APA artists are making the most of a difficult situation and are responding in the best way possible—by making art. Just before the pandemic, we were in the stockroom admiring recent work created in our studio. In this new world, as individual artists and as an organisation, we’ve quickly adapted: we have been fearless and dared to be different. Our approach can only bring good fortune and positive vibes our way, right?  

The artists selected in Fortune Favours the Brave have a bold and gutsy approach to their art practice, something we can’t help but admire and celebrate, especially in times like these. 

Featuring work by Alvaro Alvarez, Suzanne Barnes, Michael Camakaris, Jacob Cartelli, Valerio Ciccone, Alan Constable, Salome Felsinger, Gavin Porter, Adrian Lazzaro, Anne Lynch, Anthony Romagnano, Laura Sheehan, Amani Tia and Paul Quick. 

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with James MacSporran’s solo show From the Streets.