Gala Painting Wall Commission

Inspired by the Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) Drawing Wall, Arts Project will unveil it’s 2013 “Artist Drawing Wall Commission”, by mid-career artist Robert Brown this Saturday. This is the second annual commission, which coincides with the Annual Gala Exhibition at Arts Project Australia’s Northcote gallery. Opening at 3pm to the public, the Annual Gala Exhibition will feature a broad survey of artwork produced in 2013 by more than 110 artists currently participating in the studio program. The Gala celebrates the achievements of our artists and acknowledges their unique contribution to contemporary art.

Day 1

Day 2:

Day 3

Day 4


Kennards Hire in Preston, for loaning us a scissor lift, which allowed the entire gallery drawing wall to be accessible to Robert Brown during the creation of his ephemeral Gala artwork. Their support of the arts and what we set out to achieve for our drawing wall, has made this project possible.


Artworks are available for sale at the opening and throughout the show. Artworks bought will be gift-wrapped on the spot and can be taken home on the day of purchase.

Prices range from $50 up to $600, with many of the public and collectors arriving early to secure an original one-off artwork at great prices.  The special event attracts over 250 gallery visitors on opening day.
The Annual Gala will include paintings, drawings, ceramics, animation DVD’s, printmaking, digital prints, puppets and sculpture as well as smaller items such as gift cards, 2014 calendars, artist catalogues and limited edition tea towels created by Third Drawer Down, featuring the artwork of Arts Project artist Patrick Francis.
The Annual Gala is a highly anticipated event in the Arts Project exhibition calendar and is the last exhibition of the year in the gallery. The extensive show provides an insight into each artist’s distinctive practice, whilst revealing the diversity that is unique to the Arts Project studio.


Visit our Annual Gala exhibition page.