Gosia Wlodarczak & A Room of Haptic Knowledge

As part of Faraway, so close (launching this Saturday 4 November from 3-5pm), artist Gosia Wlodarczak worked at Arts Project Australia daily, drawing upon the gallery walls for her latest site-specific installation. As curator Anthony Fitzpatrick writes of Wlodarczak’s practice, “In her ongoing series of durational performance drawings called The Rooms, Gosia Wlodarczak generates individual, large-scale and immersive installations which speak to the internal life of the body and, in particular, its organs.”

With the exhibition divided into a series of collaborations among three rooms, Wlodarczak invited Arts Project artists Bronwyn Hack and Terry Williams to collaborate with her for A ROOM OF HAPTIC KNOWLEDGE. The three artists worked side-by-side for five days to produce an immersive incarnation of the largest bodily organ; skin.

Working with pigment marker, Wlodarczak’s drawing are negotiated via a physical and mental attunement to her surroundings. As the artist says of her process in Artist Profile, “All people and objects by being present in a particular space at the particular moment in time exchange energy and establish a state of in-betweenness – a shared space, which builds something else, a membrane, which holds all the activities within this moment.”

Revolving upon a series of exchanges about proximity and distance and the movements in between, Faraway, so close also features the work of Kate BeynonAlan ConstableRobert Hollingworth and Cathy Staughton. The exhibition continues until Saturday 2 December 2017.

Images courtesy of Longin Sarnecki.