At a time when the physical world seems to have hit the pause button, the virtual world is rapidly adjusting to a new normal. A lot of content is being shared and streamed that is unsettling or merely filling space. Then there are the gems that cut through and catch your attention, motivating us to read on.

Enter Max Delany, Artistic Director & CEO at ACCA, who shared a thought-provoking article online published on 3 April 2020 in The Sydney Morning Herald. Titled Were so many of us wrong? Christos Tsiokas on the new uncertainty, Tsiokas’ musings reflect on this point in time: our current moment of in-between.

On the one hand, global circumstances allow (amongst other things) time to cultivate patience and reflection, while our longing to have personal contact with people, animals and things is as palpable as ever. 

For Arts Project Australia’s latest virtual offering ‘In the Moment of In-Between’, we share a collection of artwork by numerous studio artists that present some scenarios we might otherwise take for granted. These things—particularly at this moment in time—are possibly some of the essential interactions and communal activities we should reflect on, hold tightly, and value the most.

Featuring work by Dionne Canzano, Boris Cipusev, Alan Constable, Leo Cussen, Bronwyn Hack, Matthew Gove, Paul Hodges, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Miles Howard-Wilks, Fiona Longhurst, Lisa Reid, Anthony Romagnano, Adrian Salvatore, Rebecca Scibilia, Amani Tia and Terry Williams.

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with Steven Ajzenberg’s solo show ‘What a show-off, mine’s bigger than yours‘.

Produced by Sim Luttin, Curator and Gallery Manager at Arts Project Australia.