KMKY Update: Paul Hodges & The Sisters Hayes

The Sisters Hayes and Paul Hodges were hard at it in the Arts Project studio on Friday afternoon, painting babies. The inspiration? The famous Luca Giordano painting ‘Allegory’ c. 1675 housed at the NGV International, which the artists visited a few weeks ago and will base their collaborative artwork for Knowing Me, Knowing You (KMKY).

Artist Paul Hodges says, “I am really excited about the project. I am very happy to be working with The Sisters Hayes and I look forward to working with them again.”

We’re super excited to see this project evolve and have images to share of the project in its inital stages below – enjoy!


Artist and curator Lindy Judge is working with Arts Project Australia to create an in-depth collaborative investigation involving ten of our studio artists and ten external contemporary artists. Cinematographer Shelley Farthing-Dawe has been documenting the evolution of the project as a film journal that will later be edited into a documentary. Keep an eye out for the teaser trailer that will soon be released!

Knowing Me, Knowing You questions the collaborative process itself; it will explore the complex nature of collaboration between professional artists.

Curator Lindy Judge says, “Knowing Me, Knowing You is about relationships between very different artists. The external artists have a sophisticated practice that’s enhanced by their ability to communicate verbally and in writing, while the Arts Project artists use visual media as a potent tool for communication.”

Luca GIORDANO (c. 1675) oil on canvas 230.5 x 231.0 cm
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Purchased through The Art Foundation
of Victoria with the assistance of the Government of Victoria, 1988

The Sisters Hayes with Paul Hodges in the Arts Project studio.

Paul Hodges

Christina Hayes

Esther Hayes

Rebecca Hayes

The Sisters Hayes with Paul Hodges – the project is underway!


Thanks to our Major Supporters Arts Victoria for a Community Partnerships Grant and the Besen Family Foundation:

Thanks also to the following Supporters for their in-kind contributions:

SHELLEY FARTHING-DAWE for giving additional time and resources to the project
 for sponsoring lino for artists Angela Cavalieri & Fiona Taylor




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