Showing at the Arts Project Australia gallery until Sunday 22 August, Material World is also presented online as a virtual show below in perptuity. 

The tactile multi-dimensionality of this exhibition references personal worlds created in response to physical surroundings. The artistic practices and works displayed testify to the movement between – and stark transition from – idea and concept to visceral threads and textiles to represent corporal curiosity, sexual politics, the home, possessions, consumerism, and the imaginary world. 

Photography | Natalie Jurrjens 

Co-curated by Peter Douglas and Jodie Kipps. Featuring Mark SmithAdrian LazzaroBronwyn Hack, Rosie O’Brien, Lisa Reid, Chris O’BrienFulli AndrinopoulosAnne LynchDorothy BerryMatthew Gove and Terry Williams.

Opening performance at Arts Project Australia’s Material World, featuring body suits created by APA studio artist Bronwyn Hack, on Saturday 10 July 2021. 

Dancers | Hayley Does and Joseph Newton-Keogh
Choreographer | Zoe Bastin
Artwork (bodysuits) | Bronwyn Hack
Videography | Tahney Fosdike, Arts Project Australia 

Warning: This exhibition has sexually explicit content

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