Mindfulness in Abstraction presents a collection of work curated with the intention of exploring the notion that, for the sake of sanity, we might break from thoughts of our current global predicament and find a moment of repose. There is a great deal of power in the act of simply observing and absorbing; slowing down and shifting from rapid patterns of thought to a more focused and streamlined state. Engaging with the works in this collection requires the ability to be still in the act of seeing; to consume line, space, colour and texture and to consider shape and form, allowing the underlying quality or feeling to be taken in like breath. This is a moment without politics, data, logistics or preoccupations, but rather one of simplicity, harmony, emotion and beauty. A moment of freedom from the incessant barrage of information and a chance to recalibrate and find some space and clarity.

Featuring work by Julian Martin, Christopher Sahyoun, Jacob Cartelli, Phillip Truett, Robin Warren, Sam Forster, Rebecca Scibilia, Fulli Andrinopoulos, Alvaro Alvarez and Kaye McDonald.

Scroll through the exhibition below or, alternatively, you can view or download a PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with Samraing Chea’s solo show Spot Exhibition.

Produced by Jo Salt, Gallery Administrator at Arts Project Australia