The Natural Way Interview #3 – Daniel Richardson

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For the exhibition The Natural Way — a show which focuses on the individual practices and thoughts of art creation — curator Elyss McCleary spoke with each artist about their process and practice. The following interview is with Daniel Richardson who creates collage works, replicating various images as well as his own image. Elyss and Daniel talked together during the installation of The Natural Way.

Elyss McCleary: I’d like to ask you about some of the selected works from your practice in this show. We are currently installing it still, what do you think?

Daniel Richardson: I like it cause I’m going forward in the future.

EM: Can we talk about these framed works on the back wall, featuring a variety of different personalities, overlaid with your drawings?

DR: That’s showing before the 1950s. Victoria Allen Richardson fell in love with Dr. David Thomas Richardson. She is a timelord. This is other one is Matt Smith’s wife.

EM: How about this one here?

DR: That’s Dr. Daniel Johnno Richardson – he’ s really me in 2049, it’s the new future!

EM: What materials do you like using in the studio?
DR: The paint texta is my favourite. I like collage and I start early in the day.
EM: I noticed in the studio you like to set up your work space in a certain way with research materials, do you enjoy starting like that?
DR: I like images a lot. I like a lot of new piles of work – it is good for some reason for me. I do everything, that’s right.
The Natural Way ends 23 November.