Pleased to Meet You

Pleased to Meet You was an exhibition that celebrated the ever-evolving nature of the Arts Project Australia studio, presenting works by artists who were recent additions to Arts Project.

Curated by James McDonald, Pleased to Meet You showcases the exciting potential of this group of diverse and engaged individuals in the formative stages of their creative lives.

Featuring works by Suzanne Barnes, Oriana Ciarma, Jacob Cartelli, Michelle Coulson, Elizabeth Dunkley, Sam Forster, Lionel Grijalva, Will McConnell, Joanne Nethercote, Andrew Nicolaides Ross O’Meara, Paul Quick & Jillian Richards.

We were delighted that Maile Seaton, an emerging artist from ARC Supported Studios in Cairns showed work in this exhibition. Maile was an artist in residence as part of our inaugural Artist in Residence Program.

Coinciding with this exhibition was Portraits of Will.

For a full archive of work click here: ARCHIVE PLEASED TO MEET YOU

Exhibition Dates  |  8 February – 14 March 2020

Image  |  Michelle Coulson, Different People, 2019, pencil on paper, 28 x 38 cm

View below for a small selection of work from the show.