Eden In The Mirror / Collaboration with Janelle Low

Eden In The Mirror / Collaboration with Janelle Low


inkjet print on archival paper
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Eden Menta and Melbourne-based artist Janelle Low collaborated on this series for the national touring exhibition FEM-aFFINITY, curated by contemporary artist and academic Dr Catherine Bell. The exhibition brings together female artists from Arts Project and wider Victoria whose work shares an affinity of subject and process.

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ArtistEden Menta

Dimensions50 × 40 cm

MediumWork On Paper

Tags Collaborations, Eden Menta, Insects

Eden Menta

Eden Menta

Eden Menta (b 1994) is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist who works across various mediums including video, photography, collage, drawing, painting and artist zines. She is influenced by her immediate environment and works instinctively, often shifting thematic directions depending on her state of mind. Current investigations have erred toward self-portraiture and exploring her insatiable insect curiosity, resulting in edgy work infused with wry humour. Menta has worked in the Arts Project studio since 2013. She has exhibited in numerous national group exhibitions and art prizes and has collaborated on projects with Melbourne-based artists Janelle Low and Richard Lewer. Her work is held in private collections Australiawide.

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