Jordan Dymke Sensor

Just as a QR code stores data in a matrix of geometric cells, the signature marks and commonly recurring motifs in creative works all contain an identifiable signature through which we can ‘scan’ the subjectivity of the artist. 

This exhibition invites the viewer to sense the thumbprint of the maker, drawing upon the unique code to think more deeply about the artist’s particular sensibility. Thus, the viewer becomes the receiver or the sensor, accessing the bounty within each artwork. Like an iPhone that uses fingerprint recognition to open up an abundance of information, each artistic trope becomes a portal into unchartered territory. When ‘scanned’ a whole universe can open up, and through this mechanism or framework the artist reveals their distinct voice. 

Sensor encourages the viewer to take a deeper look at what is hidden in the coded form within each artist’s chosen, often idiosyncratic, language or thumbprint and features work by Mark Smith, Julian Martin, Kate Knight, Paul Hodges, Michael Camakaris and Jordan Dymke.

Jordan Dymke has been working in the Arts Project Studio since 2012. In 2020 he undertook an internship in the Arts Project gallery, which saw him working alongside the gallery team on various projects. During this time he curated Sensor, which was set to open in July 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Arts Project is proud to present this exhibition in virtual form.

Walk through the exhibition via entering a virtual room, scrolling the slideshow below or downloading the Sensor Catalogue (this link redirects to a PDF).


Mapping Our Own Future is a weekly series of solo and group virtual exhibitions curated from our stockroom. An extension of our gallery to a virtual space, the series offers a place to connect with our artists while at home. Visit other virtual exhibitions here.

Sensor has been curated by Arts Project Australia trainee Jordan Dymke.