When times get tough, holding onto some semblance of hope helps us get through the dark days. The saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ springs to mind, reminding us that we will get through this and that there are positive things that will come out of this present time. New opportunities will present themselves and come to the fore. As artists and people working in the creative field, we can impact people’s lives by sharing artwork that reflects good things about the human spirit and ways of viewing the world.

In our latest offering ‘Silver Linings’, we’ve put together a selection of work by artists from our studio who have honed in on moments of joy, freedom and the sublime.

Featuring work by Fulli Andrinopoulos, Alan Constable, Michelle Coulson, Paul Hodges, Kate Knight, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Julian Martin, Will Murray, Rosie O’Brien, Chris Sahyoun, and Georgia Szmerling.

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with Chris Mason’s solo show ‘SSBBW: Super Sized Big Beautiful Women‘.

Produced by Sim Luttin, Curator and Gallery Manager at Arts Project Australia.