Sim Luttin speaks about bringing an exhibition to life on Vision Australia Radio

“There’s a lot of context and nuance being pulled through these works.”

Arts Project Australia’s gallery manager and curator Sim Luttin recently spoke with host Chris Thompson on Vision Australia Radio about the current showing at the APA gallery: Material World. Listen from 23:30-37:00 to learn more about the process of putting on an exhibition at APA, and the approach to bringing the art of APA to the public.


Material World is on show through July and August 2021, with a virtual iteration available online.

The tactile multi-dimensionality of this exhibition references personal worlds created in response to physical surroundings. The artistic practices and works displayed testify to the movement between – and stark transition from – idea and concept to visceral threads and textiles to represent corporal curiosity, sexual politics, the home, possessions, consumerism, and the imaginary world. 

Featuring Fulli Andrinopoulos, Dorothy Berry, Matthew Gove, Bronwyn Hack, Adrian LazzaroAnne Lynch, Mark Smith, Lisa Reid, Rosie O’Brien, Chris O’Brien, Lisa Reid, and Terry Williams.

Co-curated by Peter Douglas and Jodie Kipps.

Love from the Studio is a series of interviews and articles bringing you behind the scenes of Arts Project Australia. Arts Project Australia’s gallery manager and curator Sim Luttin was interviewed by host Chris Thompson on Vision Australia Radio. This interview podcast was originally published by Vision Australia Radio