Still Life brings together a collection of paintings, drawings and prints from Arts Project Australia artists working from observation.
There is an intimate connection between the subject matter and the artist, the works tenderly capturing life in the studio, objects of admiration, or pursuits of great personal affection.
Featuring an interactive still-life installation which visitors and artists can engage and respond to throughout, this immersive exhibition speaks to the heart of APA studio life.
Exhibiting artists are Adrian Lazzaro, Alanna Dodd, Amani Tia, Anthony Romagnano, Cameron Gresswell, Fiona Longhurst, Ian Gold, Jillian Richards, Lewis Quinn, Monica Lazzari, Philip Truett, Samantha Ashdown and Suzanne Barnes.
Still Life is co-curated by Yoshe Gillespe (APA staff artist, printmaking specialist), Suzie Brown (APA staff artist), Amani Tia (APA artist) and Samantha Ashdown (APA artist).

With thanks to Ross Coulter you can also visit us virtually and view a 3D tour of Still Life below: