Strength in Numbers delights in the moments and reflects on a time when we could do fun stuff (when was that again?…what day is it?). Outdoor pursuits with groups of friends, family or perfect strangers; swimming in a lake, going on a hike, riding a roller-coaster, going dancing or to the theatre, to a wedding or out for dinner. Just gathering.

Although it seems the adventures and events shared in groups are a distant memory, belief in the common good is very much alive, and realised through collective participation and the formation of a shared will. We are defined as a culture by our stories, thoughts, feelings, images and moments. These things still exist and are being circulated in great abundance in the virtual realm. We may need to actively avoid the trash, but the impulse to share and keep connected is such that pleasure, meaning and joy can survive through this period. Digital platforms have enabled dancers to keep dancing with one another, artists to keep producing together and friends to keep gathering. And while we can’t ride rollercoasters just yet, we will soon. And until then there’s Netflix Party.

Featuring work by Anthony Romagnano, Paul Hodges, Leo Cussen, Amani Tia, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Steven Ajzenberg, Terry Williams, Lisa Reid, Michelle Coulson, Samraing Chea and Cathy Staughton.

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This exhibition coincides with Bronwyn Hack’s solo show The Bonds that Bind Us

Produced by Jo Salt, Gallery Administrator at Arts Project Australia.