Support Our Artists By Supporting Our Gallery


Cathy Staughton is having a great start to 2018.

She’s exhibiting at the 2018 Salon des Refuses in Sydney (the alternative Archibald), while also showcasing her collaboration with artist Catherine Bell at Firstdraft gallery (also in Sydney). Not to mention her iconic Luna Park paintings are currently adorning one Melbourne tram. From collaborations with Third Drawer Down to a solo show in Belgium, Cathy’s idiosyncratic, humorous and otherworldly paintings continuously captivate through their striking narratives and nostalgic references.

A prolific and accomplished artist, Cathy’s success is due to both her talent, which is developed and nurtured in the Arts Project studio, but also the employment and support provided by the Arts Project gallery.

As a leader in creating pathways for artists with an intellectual disability, we know there are many steps to advocating our artists in the contemporary arts sector: whether it’s developing relationships and trust with Australian and international galleries, curators and collectors, or assisting our artists to exhibit and sell their work, ensuring they earn agency through their practice.

Alongside Cathy, the Arts Project Australia gallery provides professional support to over 90 artists every year. But this service is currently at risk. The newly-implemented NDIS has not acknowledged employment goals for the majority of our artists. As a result, very few Arts Project artists are receiving funding to pay for the gallery services we provide.

It costs $2000 to supply these services for one artist, for one year. With 90 artists entitled to access this support, we are concerned about the impact on our ability to provide gallery services. 

To maintain our highly effective, highly ethical, and highly supportive gallery program we need your help. Your tax-deductible gift will support Arts Project Australia artists to not only exhibit and sell their work, but to meaningfully engage with the broader contemporary art sector. Your gift (no matter how small or big) ensures our artists are receiving the best gallery support possible.