Audience members were welcomed with a sunny afternoon for the opening of It takes more than 140 characters to write a novel, atArts Project Australia on Saturday.

The exhibition was curated by Dr Vincent Alessi, Senior Lecturer of Creative Arts at La Trobe Universtiy, and opened as the second of Arts Project’s 2015 external curator program.

 It takes more than 140 characters to write a novel explores the use of digital technologies and the photographic image in the creation of what Alessi describes as “the analogue”; paintings, drawings and ceramic objects.

As an externally curated show, the exhibition features works by both artists who attend the Arts Project studio, and external artists.  It takes more than 140 characters to write a novel features works by Alvaro Alvarez, Justin Andrews, Peter Ben, Erica Berechree, Alan Constable, Chris O’Brien, Simon Finn, and Darren Wardle, and runs until Saturday 21 November.

Curator Dr. Vince Alessi with Arts Project president Bronwyn Johnson in front of artworks by Justin Andrews.

Arts Project artist Erica Berechree and family with her artworks.

Arts Project artist Chris O’Brien with ex-Staff Artist Jessie Imam and her mother, standing with O’Brien’s artworks.

Arts Project artist Josef Power admiring O’Brien’s sculptural mobile phones.

Arts Project supporter and writer Anne Stonehouse with her son.

A row of Alan Constable cameras greet audience members as they enter the exhibition.

Arts Project Executive Director Sue Roff introduces Vince Alessi during the opening speech. They stand in front of Darren Wardle’sHeavy Metal Gym Junkie (2015).