The Cop Shop | Chris O’Brien with Tarra Warra and Together Victoria

Watch Chris O’Brien’s suspense slash chaos driven The Cop Shop created in partnership with TarraWarra Museum of Art and Victoria Together.


Concerned with representing domestic dwellings in varying states of decay, O’Brien anthropomorphises these homes and populates them with characters and new narratives. The Cop Shop follows the police procedural format of his favourite television shows Rush and The Bill. Driven by nostalgia for a different era of TV, O’Brien’s comedic spin-off mimics the generic plot points of these shows without ever getting stuck in the weeds. O’Brien stars alongside his APA colleagues Michael Licenblat and Mark Smith

Victoria Together aims to connect and empower Victorian communities with their online platform promoting digital content from organisations and community groups around Victoria.

TarraWarra Museum of Art is a public gallery situated in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Through a program of adventurous and inventive Australian and international art exhibitions, the Museum actively engages with art, place and ideas, presenting unexpected links between contemporary art and modernism within global, national and Indigenous contexts.

The Cop Shop

Frame from Chris O’Brien’s ‘The Cop Shop’ featuring artists O’Brien and Michael Licenblat in police uniform