​Arts Project artists can create personalised artworks through our artwork commission program.

Are you seeking a specific work of art, or perhaps looking for a unique and personal gift idea? Have you ever thought about commissioning an artwork from an Arts Project artist? Many of our artists have worked on artwork commissions for clients and friends of Arts Project. Artists will often create works from images supplied by the client and, to date, our artists have painted and sculpted portraits, family members, pets, animals and homes.


The professional staff at Arts Project Australia will help guide you through the commission process to evolve your ideas into a work of art. We’ll assist you to select, and work with, the right artist to create the artwork you, your family and/or friends will enjoy into the future. Our staff has the experience and knowledge of our artists’ work to help you through the process of commissioning an artwork: from preparing a list of artists for you to review, to suggesting an artist for you to work with that suits your design sensibility. Whether it’s questions style, colours or dimensions, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Give a gift that will keep on giving by commissioning a high-quality original artwork created by an Arts Project Australia artist.

Matthew Gove Cat...astrophe 2 2016 on paper 38 x 41 cm MAGO16-0002 ©Copyright the artist Represented by Arts Project Australia, Melbourne

A PET COMMISSION THAT WAS GIFTED BY AN ARTS PROJECT CLIENT TO THEIR FRIEND: Matthew Gove, ‘Cat…astrophe 2’, 2016 gouache on paper.


Our artists create works in a variety of mediums including pencil, gouache and acrylic on paper, as well as printmaking or digital artwork on paper. Not to mention ceramic pieces as well! Whatever you’re seeking, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and interests. The best thing about commissioning an artwork from Arts Project Australia is that 60% of the commission price goes to the artist and 40% goes back into supporting artists in our Northcote studio.


Artwork commissions start at $120 and the fee varies depending on the artist, artwork size, medium and whether they are an emerging, mid-career or established artist. We’ll prepare a quote for you before you start. Once the quote is approved, you’ll need to place a 50% deposit in order for the project to start.


Our team will give you an estimate for the project. Timelines will vary depending on the scale of the artwork and the time an artist typically takes to make their work – ask one of our friendly gallery staff for more details.

  • You get to work with a specific artist to realise and evolve your commission
  • The artwork specifications are tailored to suit your specifications and needs
  • You’re creating a personal gift – for you or your loved onesA
  1. Review our Artists & Art page to get a feel of the type of work our artists create
  2. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for and hope to achieve
  3. Send in photos or organise a free in-person visit with one of our friendly staff
  4. Work with us to select an artist who will work on your project
  5. Finalise artist, artwork medium, size, framed/unframed and timeline
  6. We will prepare a quote and once approved, off we go!
  7. Arts Project will arrange collection or delivery of your final artwork