Artwork Leasing Program

Affordable artwork leasing program for home, business and secure venues.

Leasing Artwork Arts Project Australia

Alvaro Alvarez ‘Not titled’ 2018 gouache and greylead pencil on paper 38 x 56 cm


Arts Project Australia will help you make a selection of artwork for your home or office that you will enjoy well into the future. APA assists art lovers from all walks of life to create vibrant spaces filled with artwork by the Melbourne-based artists who work in the APA studio. 

When you lease artwork from Arts Project Australia, you receive high-quality original works that your family or clients will love, while supporting and promoting our artists and organisation.

APA staff have the experience and knowledge of artists’ work and will guide you through the process of leasing artworks – from reviewing images of work and artist’s folios, through to the final steps of installation – we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Leasing Artwork Arts Project Australia

Dionne Canzano ‘Elvis’ 2015 pastel on paper 44 x 35 cm


APA’s collection of artwork is extensive and ever-growing and consists of artwork spanning three decades made by artists from the studio, including drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, photographs, and video – something to suit everyone’s taste and interests.

Rejuvenate your home or workplace by leasing high-quality original works from a collection of over 10,000 artworks.

The best thing about leasing from Arts Project Australia is that 100% of the leasing fees go back into supporting artists who currently work in the Northcote studio.

Leasing Artwork Arts Project Australia

Julian Martin ‘Not titled’ pastel on paper


APA will deliver and install your artworks on time with care and consideration. Depending on the number of artworks you lease, the delivery and installation may be included in one package deal – ask one of the friendly gallery staff for more details.


Artworks are leased on a 12-month contract, pro-rata July – June. Typically leased artworks are works on paper (framed), paintings (framed), canvases (framed or unframed) and ceramics and a minimum of six artworks are required to join the artwork leasing program.


Artwork leasing starts at $132 per year per artwork – that applies to any artwork you lease from us, whether it’s work by an emerging, mid-career or established artist. Most insurance companies will add the leased artworks to your standard contents policy for little to no extra money. Fees listed exclude GST:

  • $10 per month artwork fee
  • $50 one-off framing fee
  • $80 per hour installation fee
  • $80 delivery fee (to install and de-install)
Leasing Artwork Arts Project Australia

Mark Smith ‘Not titled’ 2019 fineliner and ink on paper 56 x 38 cm

  • Unique pieces to create a distinctive environment
  • Artwork to suit your needs
  • Tax-deductible if leasing artwork for your business
  • Leasing reduces your capital outlay
  • Enjoy your art selection for a year or longer
  • Have the option to buy the artwork during or at the end of the leasing period
  1. Review Artists & Art to get a feel of the type of work on offer
  2. Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for and hope to achieve
  3. Arrange a free site visit with one of APA’s friendly staff
  4. Work with APA to make a selection of artwork to suit your needs
  5. Finalise and sign the lease agreement
  6. APA will prepare and frame your selection
  7. Deliver & install the artwork
Leasing Artwork Arts Project Australia

John Bates ‘Not titled’ 2018 acrylic on paper 38.5 x 55.5 cm