Artist in Residence

Arts Project Australia is pleased to announce our Artist in Residence Program in 2020. Open to practitioners of all abilities, this program offers full access to the Arts Project studio, allowing participating artists to engage in, and respond to our unique creative environment in a way that informs practice and enriches the creative development of artists and staff alike.

Jan-Feb 2020: Meiyin Ahnsuz

In January 2020, Arts Project welcomed its first artist in residence, Meiyin Ahnsuz. Ahnsuz, a visual artist primarily concerned with multidimensional work, hails from Cairns and is a co-founder of ARC, Cairns’ first supported studio for people living with a disability, and a member of artist-run space Crate 59. Ahnsuz says, “Arts Project has been a guiding light in my practice and in my work” and is approaching the residency as a “cultural, intellectual, holistic exchange of information through observing and listening.” We look forward to sharing more about Ahnsuz’s time at Arts Project in the coming weeks.


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