When all else fails, throw on a DVD. We are reasonably sure this is one of the popular solutions for dealing with cabin fever, boredom and the cold weather (in Melbourne at least) that is permeating our home lives at the moment. Maybe “let’s see what’s on Netflix, Stan, MUBI or Spotify” is your household catch-cry. Whatever medium or streaming service takes your fancy, when life throws us a curve-ball we turn to art, music and entertainment to get us through. Perhaps, now more than ever, we can tackle that stack of books that have accumulated by our bed, the collection of DVDs on the bookshelf or the movies we’ve saved to our watch-list that we never seem to have time to watch.

In our latest virtual exhibition Time for a DVD, we present a light-hearted selection of past and present entertainment-inspired artworks, that speak to the ‘now’ as well as inspire us to revisit old greats.

Featuring work by Peter Ben, Dionne Canzano, Boris Cipusev, Leo Cussen, Cameron Gresswell, Paul Hodges, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Lisa Reid, Anthony Romagnano and Cathy Staughton.

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with Fulli Andrinopoulos’ solo show Ethereal Impressions.

Produced by Sim Luttin, Curator and Gallery Manager at Arts Project Australia.