Michael Camakaris curated Variations as part of the inaugural Blindside 2021 Artist Mentorship Initiative. Initially an online exhibition, we then presented a live version of the show at APA’s Collingwood Yards gallery during October 2022. The mentorship program engaged an early-career artist or curator with a disability to work on a self-devised project with advice from Blindside personnel. 
In Michael’s own words, “the focus of Variations touches on the relationship between the disabled artist, their lived experience and their choice of artistic expression. I chose this particular theme to advocate for disabled artists, as they are generally under-represented, and often lack a say in how they are presented. Their work is rarely placed front and centre. Often their inclusion is a token gesture toward equality”.
The exhibition features works by APA artists Mark Smith and Jordan Dymke alongside Darcey Bella Arnold (ReadingRoom) and Kieren Seymour (Neon Parc).