What does it mean to be an artist?

The Virtual Gala is now live, presenting over 200 artworks by Arts Project Australia’s 150 studio artists. From the tender minimalism of Alan Constable’s ceramic camera to the cartoon realism of Joey Balliro’s digital character to Kate Knight’s explosive pattern making, the collection holds a striking diversity of artworks. Such wide presentation of art stands as a candid reminder that the studio artists aren’t a monolith but rather a collective of creative people with an array of backgrounds and practices.

More than a vocation, being an artist is a way of life. Yet, being an artist means different things to different people. Although all under the same roof and sharing the same studio, the Arts Project Australia artists come together with diverging inspirations, experiences and ways of identifying with their creativity. With this in mind, a handful of APA artists spent time talking about what being an artist means to them: 

“I’ve been an artist ever since I could hold a pencil. If you haven’t made a mess you’ve wasted your day. ” Monica Lazzari | at APA since 2006

“[It means] a lot to me. ” Chris Mason | at APA since 1997

“Means the whole world to me. Means I can hone my skills ” Nick Capaldo | at APA since 2004

“It’s good.” Bronwyn Hack | at APA since 2011

“It means I am better able to be equipped. I can accept the flow of the unknowable, that sort of thing.” – Mark Smith | at APA since 2007

“That’s my life, that’s my religion, that’s what I am. I am artist.” Eden Menta | at APA since 2013

“Do anything you want to do All the choices, the whole design.” Jimmy Tran | at APA since 2015

Browse and bid on your favourite artworks from the Virtual Gala. 100% of sales paid directly to artists. For information on how to bid, visit Leonard Joel’s How To Buy guide. Join us live for the Virtual Gala live stream with entertainment from Paul Kelly, Moira Finucane, Claire Hooper and more this Saturday 28 November at 3pm.