Why We Love Annual Gala

In this video, Arts Project Australia artists talk about their favourite parts of Arts Project Australia’s Annual Gala.

Each year, Arts Project Australia hosts an Annual Gala presenting artworks from their 150 studio artists. Not only featuring great art, Annual Gala is a community event, with artists gathering with family and friends to enjoy the exhibition and celebrate the year with live music and food. While usually held at the Northcote-based gallery, the 2020 event turns virtual following a year of highly successful online exhibition programming and artists participating in Satellite Arts, a remote studio program. 

“The Virtual Gala celebrates the resilience and talent of the Arts Project artists who have continued to develop their practice and create artworks at during most of 2020,” says APA Executive Director Sue Roff. 

Produced by Siân Darling, the live stream event features special moments with APA artists, words from Arts Project director Sue Roff and curator Sim Luttin, and performances and guest appearances from Australian artists Paul Kelly, Moira Finucane, Claire Hooper, Trent Walter, Mama Alto, Maude Davey, Paul Cordeiro, Piera Dennerstein, Jazida and Rachel Lewindon. Audiences can access the live stream on Facebook and YouTube from 3pm Saturday 28 November 2020 (register here).

An online auction and exhibition also form part of the Virtual Gala from Friday 20 November with 100% of sales paid to artists. The exhibition presents 200 artworks by 150 artists on Arts Project Australia’s website, with each of these pieces offered for sale at a silent auction hosted by Leonard Joel. Reserves range between $5 and $4000 with bids closing at 6 pm Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Here is what some Arts Project artists love about Annual Gala:

“My favourite thing about Annual Gala is that I get to display ones of my works.” Monica Lazzari | at APA since 2006

“Meeting lots of people.” Chris Mason | at APA since 1997

“Just meeting new friends.” Nick Capaldo | at APA since 2004

“I don’t have a favourite. The artwork.” Bronwyn Hack | at APA since 2011

“ It’s a good chance to exhibit. It makes you feel really proud. It’s an acknowledgment for your hard earned work.” – Mark Smith | at APA since 2007

“ I can sell stuff.” – Chris O’Brien | at APA since 2002

“ I like seeing everybody’s artwork and dressing up sorta fancy-like, seeing all my friends and being happy when they sell their work, and food!” Eden Menta | at APA since 2013