Eden Menta

Eden Menta works across various mediums including photography, collage, pencil and ink. Her work is influenced by her immediate environment and is instinctive, reactive and subject to change depending on Menta’s state of mind in any given moment. Topics woven through the work include nods to pop-culture by referencing album covers and icons, self-portraiture and an intense insect curiosity. Edgy and instilled with a wry humour, Menta’s work is often motivated by the macabre, and is deeply driven by the processing of observations of the world around her. Eden Menta is an emerging artist and has been attending the studio program at Arts Project Australia since 2013. Since this time she has exhibited annually at the Arts Project Australia gallery. She has also exhibited in group exhibitions at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne (2015 and 2014), No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne (2014), Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne (2016) and Arts Project Australia (2016).