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In 2020, founding partners, Arts Project Australia, Slominski Projects, and Jennifer Lauren Gallery, identified a need for more inclusive programming and access in the contemporary arts for neurodivergent, intellectually, and learning disabled artists to be seen, heard, and participate.

—In 2021, they formed Art et al. – an international platform that connects artists from supported studios with international peers, arts professionals, and audiences. Art et al.’s global collaborations and partnerships result in commissioned critical writing, exhibitions, and original multi-media content. 

Art et al. has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council of the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Aesop Foundation, Arts Project Australia, Slominski Projects, and Jennifer Lauren Gallery.

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Art et al. x apa

— melbourne exhibition —

As part of the UK/Australia Season 2021-22, a major programme of cultural exchange taking place across the two nations, including an in real life exhibition at APA’s Collingwood gallery, at Collingwood Yards.

The UK/Australia Season is a joint initiative by the British Council and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Season highlights the breadth of partnerships between Australia and the UK and aims to deepen and extend cultural connections. The Season commenced in September 2021, concluding in March 2022 in Australia and in December 2022 in the UK.

The theme ‘Who Are We Now?’ will reflect on our history, explore our current relationship, and imagine our future together. The Season will feature programming for all ages and will celebrate the diversity of cultures and languages in both countries. It will emphasise Australia’s First Nations voices, enable cultural exchange with Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, and the diverse societies that have emerged in both Australia and the UK through migration. Designed to strengthen and build cultural connections, the UK/Australia Season theme of “Who Are We Now?” will be reflected by Art et al. through how these artists felt during and now coming out of lockdown.

As part of the UK/Australia Season, Art et al. X 2021-22 is releasing a selection of virtual and in-person curatorial projects and opportunities. The series aims to further develop the practices of neurodivergent, intellectually and learning disabled artists in the UK and Australia.

Central to Art et al. X 2021-22 is the presentation of two international in-person exhibitions. The first will be in December 2021 in Melbourne, at Art Project Australia’s new gallery in the Collingwood Yards complex. In a four-day pop-up exhibition, audiences will experience international peer-to-peer artwork collaborations, as well as writing from Australian and International writers Jennifer Higgie, Kelly Gellatly and Tiarney Miekus.

Early in 2022, will be an exhibition in London in partnership with Cromwell Place. These curated neurodiverse exhibitions will include British and Australian artists featured on the Art et al. platform, with a focus on Peer/Peer Collaborations. Artists will include Emily Ferretti, Sandra Lott, David James, Alasdair McLuckie, Andrew Omoding, Thom Roberts, and Cherelle Sappleton.


Art et al




relevant curated programming to reflect the diverse values and issues explored by all artists
inclusive featuring artists and art professionals who do and don’t self-identify with a disability
respectful reflecting cultural traditions and how individuals choose to be presented and self-identify
accessible presenting content that can be understood by different audiences and needs
collaborative encouraging meaningful cultural exchanges, professional development and partnerships
innovative aspirational, progressive and entrepreneurial in our thinking and with content produced resulting in sector recognition and change

Commissioned, curated collaborations.

As a new and inclusive international platform, Art et al. commissions and presents collaborations between artists from supported studios, arts professionals and peers. These projects include writing, interviews, videos, exhibitions, events, artwork creation and explorations of international museum and public art collections. 

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