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Arts Project Australia

From Here To Space

From Here To Space banner

From Here To Space explores the soft sculpture practice of established Arts Project Australia artist Terry Williams.

Terry Williams has been making art for over three decades, with a focus on soft sculpture. Easily recognisable, his works are multi-faceted and defined by their truth to materials and punk aesthetic.

Curated by Vince Alessi, From Here To Space brings together a series of diverse figures and space helmets, celebrating Williams’ interest in the human form and all things space.

Defined by his deft and obsessive interpretation of figures and objects, Terry Williams’ sculptural work is both real and imagined.

Williams’ practice bypasses common traditions, the artist instead adopting an immersive and idiosyncratic process where adept crafting results in the emergence of multi-faceted creations.

The tactile, pillow-like works constructed with found materials feature exaggerated, conspicuous stitching and are intensely physical and bulging in their form.

This exhibition continues until Saturday 9 September, 2023 at Conners Conners Gallery, Fitzroy.