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Arts Project Australia

In Person Programs

Arts Project Australia artist Sammi-Jo Matta in Northcote studio
Arts Project artist Sammi-Jo Matta Northcote studio


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Arts Project Australia offers creative and accessible studio spaces for artists with intellectual disability.

Inside the studio hear from our artists

What the program offers

Our world-class studio program offers artists access to professional-grade materials, the support of our highly qualified staff, and the chance to develop an arts practice.

Painting and drawing are the foundations of the studio program. Artists are encouraged to explore their own personal approach and to develop skills using a range of drawing and painting materials.

Other offerings available*:

  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Extended Practice
  • Photography
  • Digital imaging
  • Zine program (text and images in book format)
  • Life drawing (after hours, includes participation by staff, volunteers, and donors)

*Subject to availability.

Professional opportunities

A range of professional development opportunities are also available to artists including:

  • field trips
  • skills workshops
  • portrait sittings
  • collaborative projects with other contemporary artists.

Artists have the potential to exhibit their artwork through our gallery, external galleries and venues, and the leasing program.

Several of our artists have developed strong artistic careers and feature regularly in national and international exhibitions, art fairs, art prizes and residencies.

How the program works

Arts Project Australia is open to any interested person with an intellectual disability.

Here, art is not taught. Instead, our team of professional staff offer artists feedback, guidance, and advice to encourage finding their own style and authentic voice.

We are a registered NDIS organisation. Those wanting to use their NDIS funding to attend can access their Core Support budget for Group Activities and Specialised Employment Support.


Available sessions

Artist programs run in Term blocks in line as close as possible with the Victorian school year.

The Saturday recreational program is a bit different from our weekday program. Also offered at our Northcote Studio, it is perfect for those wanting to try art without receiving gallery representation. A great way to connect with Arts Project Australia while considering long-term artistic goals.

  • Weekday studio program runs Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 3:30pm
  • Saturday recreational program 10.00am – 3pm

“Arts Project is like a second home where I get to do what I love all the time – not many people get to do that. I get to work with other artists and do collaborations. I have friends here. ”

Eden Menta (artist)

What happens to your artwork

Arts Project Australia artists own the work they create. The gallery professionally stores your artwork so that it can be entered into exhibitions, art prizes, and awards.

All artists are exhibited in the Collingwood gallery space at least once a year. The gallery team shows our artists’ work to clients and visitors to generate artwork sales and income for the artists.

When an artist exits the program, they can take their work with them. Occasionally, artists will be invited to donate a small number of artworks to Arts Project to be included in our Permanent Collection.

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