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Arts Project Australia

Outsider Art Fair

Outsider Art Fair 2024

Arts Project Australia will return to Outsider Art Fair New York in 2024.

APA artists Alan Constable, Anthony Romagnano, Alvaro Alvarez, Paul Hodges and Ruth Howard will be represented by Sonia Dutton (Dutton Gallery) at the Metropolitan Pavilion from 29 February – 3 March.

Founded in New York in 1993, the Outsider Art Fair is the original art fair concentrating specifically on self-taught art. Over the years, the parameters of Outsider Art have expanded dramatically to include art made by a wide variety of art-makers who share this common denominator of raw creativity. Outsiders come from all walks of life, from all cultures, from all age groups.

Arts Project Australia would like to thank Sonia Dutton for her ongoing support of APA and our artists.

For more information and to purchase tickets please click here.