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Arts Project Australia

Window on Collections: Modern Maps

An illustrated map of Melbourne by Arts Project Australia artist Miles Howard-Wilks. The map highlights Miles' favourite snacks along the city's train lines.

APA is excited to announce that Miles Howard-Wilks’ will be taking part in the State Library Victoria’s Window on Collections: Modern Maps.


“A map gives you a glimpse into how people understood and interpreted their world at the time of creation; with personal experiences at the heart of the work, no map will look the same.”

The State Library Victoria collects a broad range of maps primarily focusing on Victoria. However, Australian and international maps also form a significant part of the collection in reflecting our place within the broader national and global context.

Led by Sarah Ryan – Senior Librarian Victorian and Australian Collections – join us for an evening of presentations by three local creators of modern maps, including APA’s Miles Howard-Wilks to learn more about the craft and their interpretation of the world.

Miles Howard-Wilks will present at this event through a pre-recorded video presented by Arts Project Australia.

This event can be attended in person and virtually. Bookings are essential.

For more information and to secure your ticket please visit the State Library Victoria website.


Film by Lesley Pinder