Kaye McDonald

Kaye McDonald is a painter and ceramicist who has a continuing fascination with repetition and mark making. Many of her 2D works represent pure abstraction, revealing a sensitive consideration of composition, colour and energy. Her recent works depict something between a star-scape and white noise: patterns of line work and dots are applied to the surface of the paper using various mediums such ink and paint pen over a transparent background of watercolour wash, resulting in artworks that have a gentle, timeless quality. Her 3D artworks have combined energy and vibrancy about them. While sometimes reflecting a love of domestic objects such as vases, cups and saucers, many are abstracted forms that draw viewers in to admire the intricate detail and craftsmanship. Kaye McDonald (born 1946) has worked in the Arts Project Australia studio since 1988 and is a painter and ceramicist. Having exhibited each year in the Annual Gala exhibition at Arts Project Australia, her work has also been selected for various additional group shows at Arts Project Australia, C3 Gallery, Abbotsford and Melbourne Art Fair.