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Arts Project Australia

Christian Hansen

Christian Hansen Untitled 2022

Christian Hansen is an emerging artist with Australian and Romani cultural heritage.

He works primarily with acrylic, gouache, pencil and pastel on paper and canvas to explore his interests in African and Romani culture. Recently, his practice has expanded to include other mediums such as ceramics. His work is symbolic and powerful, often depicting figures in traditional tribal dress as well as South African white early male settlers as a comment on white power and the politics of colonialism. His practice extends to include other subjects close to his heart, such as the wildlife and habitat of savanna animals. He is currently working on an autobiographical book that he has begun illustrating and plans to publish. Hansen has worked in the Arts Project studio since 2017. He has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and is a current member of The Northcote Penguins, an art collective formed in the Professional Practice Program at Arts Project Australia. His work is held in in private collections throughout Australia.